Modern hotel in Limburg with a rich family history

Hotel Beila opened in the spring of 2019. It is a new and modern hotel in the center of Bilzen. But the building itself has been around for several generations. All this time it was owned by the Guffens family, the ancestors of the current hotel manager Bram Bogaerts.

1st and 2nd generation: bakery family

Bram's great-great-grandparents opened a bakery and pastry shop in the building. They passed on the business and the craftsmanship to the next generation.

After the second generation Guffens, the bakery tradition in the family ceased to exist. They passed on the gene for entrepreneurship to their daughter, Gilberte Guffens.

3rd generation: perfumery in Bilzen

As a child, Gilberte had helped in her parents' bakery. She turned her career around and ran a perfumery. Not coincidentally near where the hotel is now. Her husband, Willem Philips, was a teacher in Bilzen. And this generation also passed on their genes to the next.

4th generation: architecture office of the hotel

Just like her father, Ann Philips was in education. She taught in Martenslinde, a part of Bilzen. Now she helps in the hotel. Her husband, Karlo Bogaerts, came up with the idea of starting the hotel. His architectural firm signed the plans for the renovation of the building.

5th generation: hotel manager

Bram and his brother Bregt inherited the sense of entrepreneurship from their father and ancestors.

Bram is happy to put his shoulders under the hotel project that his father started. The only thing he doesn't do, is baking. During dinner, though, he will welcome you with a smile and serve you some amazing cocktails!

With the construction of the hotel, the historic building is given a new purpose, but the link with the past is preserved. As true Bilzenaars, the family decided to name the hotel after the oldest known name of the city: Beila.

The rest is history. Or isn't it?

Our story has only just begun. And we are happy to write it together with you. So come and visit us for a nice dinner in our trendy restaurant. Or discover the work of artists from Limburg.

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